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Cashew nut processing

Cashew nuts are processed at our factory. We are specialized in taking out cashew nut kernels from its shell. We grade cashews carefully to superior standards as per requirements of the top food companies & as per requirements of our customers.

Cashews are used as an ingredient in main dishes, appetizers or snacks.

We buy cashew nuts directly form farmers. The dried cashew nuts steamed to make cashew nut shell soften and easily separate kernel from its shell.

Each Cashew is de-shelled with the help of cutting machine. Each nut has to be carefully fed into the machine to split open so that, the kernels could be separated from the outer shells. This is also done manually.

Cashews usually contain 8-10% moisture, which requires to be dried for removal of testa. It is dried in Owen at low heat to loosen the skin.

The skin of each cashew is removed manually and graded according to its quality.

The peeled cashew kernels are graded according to its size, colour and its maturity. The whole cashew kernels are individually graded by hand.

Quality Inspection
The cashews of various are inspected according to the present quality standards set by the government.

Our cashews are packed in pouches with carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This increases the shelf life of the nuts. Drying is necessary to prevent it from fungal and other infections. Exported kernels are vacuum packed.