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About Us

Welcome to Eat Cashew. Com. Eat Cashew is synonymous with trust and reliability, which has helped us in emerging as top exporter of cashews.

Eat Cashew products are guaranteed for quality and we produce only quality product. Since all cashews are bought from farmer in the coastal area to ensure their freshness and quality. With our latest technology, infrastructure and well-equipped lab, all the cashews are processed hygienically, packed with CO2 and N2 in polythene pouches to assure our esteem patrons gets the best cashews. Our experienced and qualified staff works under experienced managers, takes cares of the smallest detail of packing and its quality. Well our processing capacity is increasing day by day with more workers. This signifies our vast extending business.

Cashew nuts are widely used in Indian cooking and used worldwide in cookies, confectioneries etc., we take utmost care to maintain good hygiene at production center. We export cashews throughout India and our parent company M/s. Sagar Cashew Industries exports cashews to Asian and Western countries.

Cashew nuts are versatile of all nuts, rich in nutrients and are put to use in a variety of ways. It’s subtle flavour and unique texture makes it suitable ingredient for a wide range of delicious food. The kernels are low in carbohydrates but rich in proteins, fats and vitamins.

Our well-qualified personnel listen to every word of our customers and fulfill their requirements within the specified time.

Our specialties
The cashew nut is a premium food with abundant good nutrients. Cashews are categorized into different grades based on size, colour and count. We are known for maintaining high quality of cashews. We maintain 30 to 40 varieties of qualities Round The Calendar to assure our patrons, what they want they get here.

We supply cashews in all styles of packs, from customer packing to wholesale packing. This ensures customer gets according to their requirements. Ours is large-scale production, supply product in bulk and small quantities also upon your requirements. All the packaging is done in nitrogen packs to increase the shelf life of cashews up to four months without opening the pack. Our products apart from plain nuts are roasted / salted / chilly in consumer packs. All these have been processed according to latest market trends.

We are famous for brand called NUTTY WORLD.

The success of a business in food industry is mainly due to its quality. Our product is guaranteed for quality and we are committed to produce only quality product. Each kernel is tested 3-4 times and checked before they are packed. The unmatched quality of the products and timely execution of orders helped the company to gain market share in this competitive age. Our exports are in accordance with international standards and have been satisfying the needs of our customers, worldwide.

Our infrastructure possesses all the facilities, which makes our product global. We store the product in hygienic conditions to maintain its quality. We are adhered to offer the finest product. Grading and packing is done by technically skilled professionals and with utmost care.